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The transition from cloud back to a data center migration

Dateline: 5 Jan 2016

When the leader in online deals started to hit the big time, the company realized cloud computing was no longer its best option and began to move into its own data center space.
Cloud computing is not the answer for all companies, and confronting the move from the cloud to a data center migration creates questions that don't always have easy answers.
Just ask Harmail Chatha, director of global data center operations for Groupon. He recently fielded questions about how a company can move away from cloud computing at an informal meetup in Silicon Valley, Calif.

"There isn't enough knowledge available about it," Chatha said. For example, he was at DatacenterDynamics Converged in London in November last year, where there wasn't a single session about moving out of the cloud.

"People just assume that if you are a tech company, you know how to run a data center," he said.


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