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Choosing Cheval means you have selected Asia's leading designer and manufacturer of 19" server cabinets and electronic enclosures. For over 30 years, Cheval has developed our products, people and solutions to support the global I.T. infrastructure and data center markets. Our prowess in the electronic enclosures segment have made us partner of choice for many leading multinational firms.


Cheval consists of three manufacturing sites, corporate headquarters and a showroom with warehouse facilities.

Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd

Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd, or "CE" functions as Cheval's corporate headquarters; also providing research and development, plus manufacturing service. CE manufactures for the Thailand OEM market for electronic enclosures, and some of Cheval's standard products.  The RD department focuses on product development.  CE was established in 1987, is located just outside of Bangkok in the Bangplee Industrial Estate. ...More information

Cheval Technology Co., Ltd

Cheval Technology Co., Ltd or "CT" was established in 1997, is located in Northern Thailand outside the city of Chiang Mai and is focused on the production of  customized (ODM) 19” enclosures for our multinational clients.  CT assembles Cheval's “Arion” brand  power distribution units (PDU) and other mechanical assemblies...More information

Aegistek Corporation Co., Ltd

Aegistek Corporation Ltd, or “AT”,  opened in December, 2004 and is the main manufacturing site for the groups large OEM clients.  AT housed the groups main RD and testing facilities for the development of our 19” cabinets and outdoor (IP rated) cabinets.  AT is located just a few miles down...More information

Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd (Bangna Branch)

Cheval supports the demands of the local market through our city sales office. Located on the outskirts of Bangkok, our Bangna branch office is the group's authorized sales and distribution outlet, providing consulting services, mechanical assembly, warehousing, and full logistic support to its extensive client base

...More information












































Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co.,Ltd. (CE) began development of product concepts.


Start of manufacturing operations. Five employees and a shop house.


Moved to 400 square meters factory and increased employees to 30 persons.


New share holding structure with individual American investor joining the group


Opening of 5,000 square meters facility in Bangplee Industrial Estate. Change production system from hand made to internationally recognized production control process. First company in Thailand using CNC Turret Press, NC bending machine and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Start shipments of 19" Cabinets to the USA Introduction of "Aegis" line of 19" Cabinets.


Change in share holding structure with Amtek Engineering of Singapore, a public listed firm joining team. Opened Tool Room and Metal Stamping Facility.


Construction of Cheval Technology (CT), a 4,000 square meters dedicated rack manufacturing facility in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Purchase of Mail Scientific Electronics Co.,Ltd. (MSE) to handle local sales and marketing activities.

Start large volume shipments of 19" Cabinets to the USA.  Introduction of "Aegis" line of 19" Cabinets.


Cheval Electronic receives ISO 9002 Certification.


Introduction of "Cyberack" line of 19" cabinets.  First data center project in Thailand, for I-STT group.


Cheval Technology receives ISO 14001 certification.


Construction of AegisTek Corp begins.


AegisTek Corp comes on line. Cheval Group achieves one billion Baht sales.  First NEBS GR-63 Core seismic zone 4 cabinet designed and produced for a USA multinational client.


“Atlas”, Cheval own brand 19” Seismic cabinet is certified Zone 4 in the United States.  Design and certification of Zone 4 seismic cabinet for Comverse of Israel.  All three Cheval facilities certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001.  Addition of 19” colocation enclosures to product line.


Reincorporation of Mail Scientific Enclosures into Cheval Electronic as domestic sales office and logistics center.  Joined United Nations “Global Compact” to support increased corporate social responsibility.


Mark shipment of over 300,000 racks since opening of AegisTek Corp.  Introduction of “Arion” Series, our first patented 19” cabinet design.  Expansion of market at Cheval Electronics for local EMS clientele.  Successful certification of our fifth Zone 4 seismic cabinet; this for a major USA multinational client.


Reentry into Outdoor Enclosures market, with both local and international projects fulfilled.  AegisTek certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


Launch of Cold Aisle Containment products.  Cheval Technology certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.  AegisTek receives first “Best Corporate Governance (Northern Region)” award from Thailand's National Anti Corruption Commission.

AegisTek and Cheval Technology receive “Best Corporate Governance (Northern Region)” award from Thailand's National AegisTek and Cheval Technology receive “Best Corporate Governance (Northern Region)” award from Thailand's National Anti Corruption Commission.  AegisTek ships 400,000th cabinet since opening.


“Arion” 19” cabinet next generation upgraded line receives UL listing.  Development of Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU) product line commences. AegisTek and Cheval Technology again receive “Best Corporate Governance (Northern Region)” award from Thailand's National Anti Corruption Commission

Cheval Technology was awarded "Best Corporate Governance (Northern Region)", for the second time, from Thailand's National Anti Corruption Commission. Completed design and development of new products; 19” OCP open rack, and 19" rack "Arion Solis" for small to medium size office users.

All facilities, Cheval Electronic, Cheval Technology and Aegistek received certification for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. AegisTek starts trial run of new plating line with full operations planned for Q1 2018.

Cheval's Corporate Management Team



Mr.Apichart Sajchwong

Group Managing Director


Mr. Alessandro Perrotta

Non-Executive Director / Interplex Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Ms. Jocelin Soon Swee Har

Non-Executive Director / Interplex Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Mrs. Tippawan Bumroong

Executive Director, Domestic Market


Dr. Krayim Sarntrakul

Non-Executive Director

General Management


Mr. Monchai Jitkul

Chief Financial Officer (CFO),

Joined the group in 2004

Sales & Marketing


Mr. Stephen Illenberger

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO),

Joined the group in 1997


Production & Quality


Mr. Seree Utasriya

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Joined the group in 1998


Ethics and Code of Conduct

1.  Code of conduct towards Customers

2.  Code of conduct towards Partners

3.  Code of conduct towards Rivalries

4.  Code of conduct in our capacity as a Superior

5.  Code of conduct in our capacity as a Subordinate

6.  Code of conduct as a Colleague

7.   Code of conduct on Benefaction

8.   Code of conduct on Accounting and Finance

9.   Code of conduct on Information Technology (IT)

10. Code of conduct on the Company's Property Maintenance

11. Code of conduct on the Conflict of Interest

12. Code of conduct toward the Society and Environment

Affiliated Companies

Interplex Holdings Pte. Ltd.


Through its joint venture agreement, the group is affiliated with Interplex Industries Inc. , one of Singapore's premier companies. Interplex, with design and manufacturing support around the world, is supplier of choice to many of the world's better known multinationals.

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