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1 Aug 2019 Cheval Technology Receives Good Governance Award for 2019
13 Jun 2019 Celebrate America's diversity 243rd anniversary of the USA Independence Day
13 May 2019 Cheval showcases main products at Data Center Symposium 2019
16 Jan 2019 Children's day Celebration 2019
7 May 2018 200 Years of US-Thai Friendship
30 Feb 2018 AegisTek and Cheval Technology honored with Corporate Governance Recognition Award 2017

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Coloring Life, Sharing Dream 2017

Dateline: 26 Nov 2017

Staff from Cheval Technology Co.,Ltd. volunteer time to help improve the buildings of "School for Life" foundation, Chiangmai in "Coloring Life, Sharing Dream 2017" project.


On November 26th, 2017, a group of staff from Cheval Technology teamed up to cater and donate food to children for lunch then repainted the playground. The team also created  waste sorting equipment and made new playground toys for kids. These activities are part of the company’ s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which aims to encourage our employees to volunteer their time for the public good and make an awareness of our organization to the community.  


School for Life, Chiangmai Foundation, was set up with a  purpose to help poor, disadvantaged and orphaned hill tribe children by giving love and chance for shelter and education.



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