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Back to nature

Dateline: 17 Jul 2017

Water makes up about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Most of it is contained in the oceans, but there’s still about 11 million cubic kilometers of water in lakes and rivers, all of which has the capacity to absorb heat.


The data center industry is generally pretty conservative, but some operators have seen an opportunity to cool their servers more efficiently, and dived right in.


Green Mountain’s two data centers in Norway use natural water sources to cool their IT loads. DC1, in a former NATO ammunition store in Stavanger, uses gravity to draw water from a fjord, from the depth of 75m, up through the pipes and into the pumps of a cooling station, releasing it back out 30m below the surface. DC2 in Telemark takes its water from a source which was initially used for hydro electric power generation.


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