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Aegistek Corporation Ltd. (Chiang Mai)
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     Cheval is a global leader in the design  testing and manufacturing of 19″ cabinets and related ICT (Information Communications Technology) products. We are a multinational joint venture based in Thailand with three manufactruing sites to support high volume production needs. With over 35 years proven performance, we are strategic partners with leading data center solution providers, supporting their global requirements. If you are thinking about outsourcing but are concerned how to go about it, we can walk you through the complete process. Thailand is geographically ideally located to support all major markets of North America, EMEA and APAC. Since all of our production non-China based, there are no import tariffs for North America or EMEA, and we have free trade agreements (FTA) with most APAC countries. Our Thailand presence includes the following sites.

Aegistek Corporation Ltd.

Aegistek Corporation Ltd, or “AT”, opened in December, 2004 and support high volume manufacturing for the groups large OEM clients. AT houses the groups main R&D and testing facilities for the development of our 19” cabinets and outdoor (IP rated) cabinets.
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Cheval Technology Co., Ltd.

Cheval Technology Co., Ltd or “CT” , was established in 1997 is located in Northern Thailand outside the city of Chiang Mai and focused on the production of customized (ODM) 19″ enclosures for our multi-national client. CT assembles cheval's “Arion” brand power distribution units (PDU) and other mechanical assemblies.
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Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd.

Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd, or “CE” , is Cheval’s corporate headquarters and provides other services. The 5,000 square meter facility is Cheval’s warehouse and logistic center for both the Thailand and overseas 19″ rack market. Racks are assembled, configured as needed and dispatched to clients. CE also produces most of Cheval’s tooling requirements from our in house tool room and stamping parts from our power press lines.
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Cheval Thailand Sales Office

Cheval supports the demands of the local market through our city sales office. Located on the outskirts of Bangkok, our city office is the group's authorized sales and distribution outlet, providing consulting services, mechanical assembly, warehousing and full logistic support to its extensive client base
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Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co.,Ltd. (CE)
began development of product concepts.

Cheval's Corporate Management

Mr. Apichart  Sajchwong

Group Managing Director

Mr. Alessandro Perrotta

Non-Executive Director

Interplex Holding Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Ms. Jocelin Soon Swee Har

Non-Executive Director

Interplex Holding Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Mrs. Tippawan Bumroong

Executive Director, Domestic Market

Dr.  Krayim  Sarntrakul

Non-Executive Directror

General Management

Sale and Marketing

Production & Quality

Mr. Mochai Jitkul
Chief Financial Officer (CFO),
Joined the group in 2004

Mr. Stephen Illenbergerc
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).,
Joined the group in  1997

Mr. Seree Utasriya
Chief Operating Officer (COO),
Joined the group in 1998


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Interplex Holdings Pte Ltd

Interplex Holdings Pte. Ltd. operates as a precision engineering company. The Company offers end-to-end solutions in application development and manufacturing solutions for complex precision mechanical and electromechanical components and assemblies. Interplex Holdings serves customers worldwide.