We have a wide range of standand cabinets, Racks and Enclosures to fulfill Your specific need.

    • EIA Standard 19″ Server and Network
    • OCP OUR3 Open Rack
    • NeBS Seismic Cabinet
    • EIA Standard 19″ Colocation Cabinets
    • EIA Standard 19″ Open Racks
    • EIA Standard 19″ Wall Mounted Cabinets
    • EIA/IEC Standard Geneal Purpose Enclosure

We have a wide range of rack accessories and PDU’s to complete your IT set up. For the Hyperscale market we have the latest ORV3 OCP Rack which can be customized to your specific needs. For Developers, Technicians and DIY’ers, our Electronic Enclosure lineup features high quality Aluminum or Steel General Purpose Enclosures, 19″ Standard Rack Mounted Enclosure and Heat Sink Enclosures. If the product you need is not show, or for customization request, please contact us for support us for support. Distributor inquiries welcome.

19″ Cabinets

  • Arion Server Cabinets
  • Arion Network Cabinets

ARION 19″ Cabinet SOLIS Series

  • Arion SOLIS Server Cabinets
  • Arion SOLIS Network Cabinets

19″ Seismic Cabinet

  • Atlas Seismic Cabinet

OCP Open Racks

  • OCP Racks

19″ Colocation Cabinets

  • Colocation Rack

19″ Open Racks

  • Two post Racks
  • Four post Racks

19″ Wall Mount Cabinets

  • Wall Net Series
  • Wall Net II Series


  • Light Equipment Shelves 1U
  • Light Equipment Shelves 2U-3U
  • 19″ Adjustable Vented Shelves
  • 19″ Mounted Telescopic Shelves
  • Support Rails (Chassis Runners)

    19″ Cabinets Accessories :

    Thermal Management Accessories

    • Top Panel Plates
    • 19″ Filler Panel Plate
    • Base Plate

    Hardware and Mounting Accessories

    • Document Wallet Arion Rack
    • Baying Kit for Arion Rack
    • Casters Kit for Arion Rack
    • Heavy Duty Casters Kit
    • Hardware Bag
    • Bolt Down Bracket

    Cable Management Accessories

    • 19″ Cable Panel Hook
    • 19″ Cable Panel Hoop
    • PDU/Vertical Cable Management
    • Cable Hoop Kits