Cheval provides full design, testing and manufacturing service for ICT cabinets, racks, and related data center infrastructure products. Whether you are looking for an OEM partner or need design support (ODM), Cheval can provide the solution you need.

Our core competency includes:
  • EIA-310 Standard Cabinets, Racks and accessories
  • OCP Racks
  • Aisle Containment
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • General Purpose Metal Enclosures
If you are thinking about outsourcing but are concerned how to go about it, we can walk you through the complete process, maximizing your time and resources for other activities. All of our production is non- China based, reducing potential importing issues for you. We speak the same professional language as you, making the process convenient and efficient.

For your established product, Cheval can provide you top quality manufacturing, on time delivery and logistic support at very competitive prices. We have shipped hundreds of thousands of 19″ enclosures to worldwide locations, with near zero fallout. Our multiple manufacturing sites provide capacity and redundancy for your secure business planning.


Our OEM service covers a wide range of products including indoor 19″ enclosures, outdoor IP/NEMA rated cabinets and any other type of precision electronic enclosure. We control the process from CNC punching to final assembly and packing so you don’t have to worry about quality or delivery issues.


If you don’t have or are not satisfied with your current enclosure, Cheval’s design teams can develop the perfect solution for you. Working with you, our team can:

Develop and improve your enclosure.
Customize an existing Cheval enclosure to your
specification. Develop a complete solution from the ground up.

Our people have been delivering custom solutions to the ICT world and we have the experience needed to take you through the entire process. We not only design the product, but also have developed a range of packing solutions to maximize the shipping and storage efficiency reducing total costs to you.


Aegistek Corporation Ltd.

Aegistek Corporation Ltd, or “AT”, opened in December, 2004 and support high volume manufacturing for the groups large OEM clients. AT houses the groups main R&D and testing facilities for the development of our 19” cabinets and outdoor (IP rated) cabinets. AT is located in the picturesque countryside of northem Thailand.

Cheval Technology Co., Ltd.

Cheval Technology Co., Ltd or “CT” , was established in 1997and is located in Northern Thailand outside the city of Chiang Mai. CT manufactures custom 19″ solutions for our multinational clients, our in house brand “Arion” products and power distribution units (PDU)

Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd.

Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co., Ltd, or “CE” , is Cheval’s corporate headquarters and provides other services.
The 5,000 square meter facility is Cheval’s warehouse and logistic center for both the Thailand and overseas 19″ rack market. Racks are assembled, configured as needed and dispatched to clients. CE also produces most of Cheval’s tooling requirements from our in house tool room and stamping parts from our power press lines. CE was established in 1987 and is located just outside Bangkok in the Bangplee Industrial Estate
Cheval achieves high volume, quality production and cost effective production using a flexible manufacturing system combining CNC operations with power press stamping. Our three facilities are geographically separated providing both capacity and redundancy.
Our facilities currently occupy about 24,000 sq. meters (258,000 sq ft) out of total 103,000 sq meters (1.1 million sq ft) of available area. Cheval uses the latest technology and has over 42 Amada CNC turret punching and CNC bending machines, which offer opportunities for added-value and customization. Our manufacturing facilities, equipment and services are designed and tailored to meet customer requirements. With our facilities and people, Cheval has the experience and capacity to support the most challenging programs.


Cheval utilizes many types of welding, including robotic lines for MIG, and manual stations for hand TIG, Spot and CD stud welding.

CNC Laser Cutting and Punching

CNC Laser Cutting and Punching Machines add flexibility to our manufacturing capability. Cheval uses the latest CNC equipment for both short run batches and mass production. 

CNC Bending

High precision and consistency are achieved using CNC bending Machines and automated panel benders.

Power Press Machines

Cheval utilizes many types of welding, including robotic lines for MIG, and manual stations for hand TIG, Spot and CD stud welding.

Electro-Static Powder
Coating Line

We do all our own Powder Coating in house. Our lines utilize an environmentally friendly 5 stage Iron Phosphate pre-treatment with de-ionized water rinse. A rigorous system of QA inspections checks verifies the correct finish. Our in house corrosion lab tests every paint batch to 500 hours salt spray test under ASTM-D610-01 and ASTM-B117

Electroplating Factory

The 1,125 square meter factory currently consists of Zinc Barrel Plating and Zinc Rack Plating lines which are capable of plating parts as small as 1 mm-diameter up to 2,200 mm-long parts. The completely automatic line ensures quality and consistent results through a process that takes around 1 hour depending on the particular parts being plated. And in following our strict internal environmental standards, water and air treatment are strictly implemented and monitored.

Mechanical Assembly, Integration and Packaging

Cheval can improve your margins by providing assembly and integration for your products. We offer mechanical assembly, sub assembly integration and finished product packaging, all to your specifications. This can reduce the time you need to invest to get your product to market. We export to all corners of the world and our customer service is experienced in getting the products where you want them.

Quality Assurance and Testing

                 Cheval firmly believes that our products should exceed our clients expectations. To achieve this goal, we have developed rigorous testing and quality assurance systems. We undergo regular audits from third party inspectors, but more importantly, by our clients and consistently achieve excellent results.

           All three of our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 and we use RoHS compliant materials. Standard paint inspection process uses photo spectrometer reading to measure color, (L.a.b.), gloss meter, thickness meter, M.E.K. ruboff tests, cross hatch adhesion, impact and hardness tests.

          Testing is critical to ongoing production and product development. In addition to standard UL 2416 test requirements. Cheval has developed and performs more rigorous in house tests such as:

  • Mechanical Load tests for enclosures: staic, dynamic, drop and tilt.
  • Mechanical Load tests for casters, both static and dynamic.
  • Electric conductivity and high pot testing.
  • Salt spray chamber to verify paint integrity.

          We work with third party facilities such as Met Labs and UL, to provide certificates per client request.


Cheval tests the load (weight bearing) capacity of all our products. These tests are designed to determine upper limits to the amount of weight a particular product can safely and functionally support. We use both third party (UL) standards plus have developed our own enhanced tests to ensure your safety and product quality.

Dynamic tests will physically move the rack some distance while under load. Depending on the requirements, specific obstacles may or may not be part of the rolling test. Client speific requirements can be performed as well. 


Custom desigend rig allows for multiple fores to be exerted on the sample while ensuring operater safety,

Caster Testing Method

Cheval’s custom built caster testing machine allows us to set the weight, speed and duration for dynamic testing. A series of profiles can be added to simulate thresholds and other obstacles,

Lab Testing

We have a corrosion lab equipped with a salt spray chamber for testing painted panels from every production batch. The panels are placed in the chamber and exposed for 500 hours. Then the panels are inspected according to ASTM-D610-01 and ASTM-B117. Adhesion, impact, hardness and curing are also tested in the lab.

Our materials lab tests tensile strength, hardness and deformation properties of components and materials.


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